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A rural stimulus: On mgnrega wage hike

nds in consumer prices experienced in rural India. This opens up the prospect for an upward revision in the wages paid out to workers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega). The current national average wage is just about ?178 per day. The decision to finally embark on a long-overdue exercise is welcome, irrespective of the immediate trigger. The basket of items whose prices are tracked for constructing the Consumer

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History's curse on mgnrega -Nikita Kwatra Public programs like mgnrega are less successful in raising wages in regions characterized by historical inequality, finds new study When it was launched in 2006, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega) was envisaged to boost rural economies by providing the rural poor with 100 days of guaranteed public employment and raising rural wages. But its intended b

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Government to peg mgnrega wages to inflation in bid to hike incomes -Priscilla Jebaraj

Staring at a slump in rural demand and a slowdown in the rural economy, the Centre plans to inject more money into the UPA’s flagship Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega) scheme by linking wages under the Act to an updated inflation index, which will be revised annually. It hopes this will increase wages, thus increasing purchasing power and reviving rural demand. However, some economists question whether linki

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Rate cut alone can't arrest slump, boost rural demand: SBI report

o growth. “The current slowdown cannot be tackled by monetary policy in isolation. The government must address demand weakness by continuing to meaningfully frontload expenditure say through mgnrega and PM-Kisan,” the report said. The PM-Kisan portal shows the number of beneficiaries under the scheme is only 6.89 crore against the target of 14.6 crore due to slow validation in farmer data. This has to be speeded up to boost rural dem

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Six reasons why the Economic Survey's presentation of mgnrega is misleading -Rajendran Narayanan & Rakshita Swamy

-The Hindu The Economic Survey presents an unbalanced view of the technical interventions in mgnrega A chapter in the recent Economic Survey on the “transformational” impact of Aadhaar on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega) merits scrutiny. It presents a skewed and unbalanced view of the programme’s technical interventions instead of taking a compre

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Underfunding, misleading claims: The story of mgnrega in New India -Debmalya Nandy

boost rural India. The Budget tabled by Nirmala Sitharaman on July 5, 2019 was a disappointment for 13 crore rural households dependent on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega). The act continues to fight widespread corruption and administrative negligence 13 years since its inception. Technology-based, centralised, faulty implementation has thrashed local accountabilities and increased leakages. Anyone who has c

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Civil society activists condemn the statement by Rural Development Minister in Parliament on discontinuation of mgnrega scheme

-Press statement by NREGA Sangharsh Morcha dated 19 July, 2019 While it is heartening that a discussion on rural development lasted for nine hours in Parliament with important issues on mgnrega being raised, we are deeply disappointed at the statement of the Rural Development Minister that not only displays a lack of understanding of the program but also betrays the clear anti-poor sentiment of this government. On the central issue of inadequa

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Minimum wage law to skirt rural job scheme under mgnrega

ntire country or separate minimum wages for each of five regions, ranging between Rs 342 in the east and Rs 447 in the north. “The minimum wage under the wage code bill will not apply to the mgnrega,” Gangwar said in response to a question at a news conference here. Tomar said: “The mgnrega wage rate will be governed by its own law.” Social activist Nikhil Dey questioned the

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CSOs are unhappy with the way the Economic Survey 2018-19 & the Union Budget 2019-20 dealt with mgnrega

-Press release by NREGA Sangharsh Morcha and Peoples' Action for Employment Guarantee (PAEG) dated 9 July, 2019 Even as many parts of the county suffer from drought, the new government at the centre has allocated a mere Rs 60,000 crores for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) for the ongoing financial year. This is Rs 1,084 crore less than the revised budget estimate for 2018-19. Expenditure would have been much higher last year had the government met the full demand for wor

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Economic Survey's Call for mgnrega to Become 'Rural Distress Indicator' a Nod to Jobs Crisis?

and Aadhaar-linked payments when it comes to workers' wages. New Delhi: In tacit acceptance of the sudden surge in demand for jobs under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (mgnrega) following the demonetisation move of the government in 2016, the Economic Survey (released this July 4) has called for using the scheme as an indicator of rural distress.      “Demand for work under More »

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