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Apart from inconsistent data on coverage from different sources, target was not achieved in case of PMKSY-Per Drop More Crop

How is it possible that we get different figures on area brought under micro-irrigation pertaining to the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)-Per Drop More Crop (PDMC)--a scheme which is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare? The dashboard ( of PMKSY-Per Drop More Crop clearly shows that 11.25 lakh hectare was brought under mi

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Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, interviewed by Richa Mishra (The Hindu Business Line)

ame. Today, 18 of them have been completed and 80 per cent of work has been carried out in the case of close to 60 projects. By 2019, we are confident of commissioning all 99 projects. In 2017-18, micro-irrigation facilities were extended to 10.48 lakh hectares, which is a record for any year. In the coming years, our goal is to bring 15-20 lakh hectares of land under mirco-irrigation annually. Little work was done on watershed development and w

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Plastics in agriculture: entry point for carcinogens to food chain -Arjuna Srinidhi

ve been shown to release potentially carcinogenic substances into soil Plasticulture, or the use of plastics in agriculture, is evident in the form of lining of farm ponds, greenhouse cultivation, micro-irrigation (drips and sprinklers) and plastic mulching. Plastic mulch, in particular, should be of concern to us as it is a potential source of entry into our food system. Why are farmers turning to plasticulture? The Ministry of Agriculture b

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Banking on normal monsoon, Centre sets record foodgrain target

make agriculture policy and programmes “income-oriented” rather than “production-oriented”. He urged the various state governments to implement central programmes such as the micro-irrigation scheme, provide quality seed according to soil quality, invest in cold chains and promotion of food processing. The implementation of the National Agricultural Markets and e-platforms (e-NAM) and to mitigate the risk, introduction of crop

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Agriculture 2022: will the dream come true? -Siraj Hussain

in which state-specific recommendations were made. Here we examine action taken on three major recommendations. The very first point in the paper was the wasteful use of water for irrigation. The micro-irrigation fund of Rs5,000 crore announced in the 2017 budget has not yet taken off and wasteful practices in the use of water continue in most areas, especially in the northern states. Even in Punjab, we do not see any action on the emerging water

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Landless cultivators to be farmers too! Change of definition to extend assorted benefits to 14 cr currently excluded -Prabhudatta Mishra

iculture in the country may not be equitable and inclusive”. Various benefits being offered to farmers include subsidised agriculture credit, seed kits, fertilisers, pesticides, farm machinery, micro-irrigation, land development support, etc. All these are, however, available to farmers who can prove land ownership. As a consequence, the actual cultivator like the lessee, share cropper, tenant, etc, are in effect excluded from the system of thes

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If it's a farm budget from Arun Jaitley, then it needs to be a smart one

o present a farmer's Budget, it needs to be a smart one, focusing on key schemes that promote new technology and making it easier for farmers to access this. Several studies have found how the use of micro-irrigation technologies lowered electricity and fertiliser consumption while increasing productivity of various crops. "Among the many reasons why farmers have not adopted new modes of irrigation are lack of initial capital for installing these

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Towards solar-powered agriculture -Abhishek Jain

desh, revealed that close to 60% of marginal farmers relied on buying water, the costliest option for irrigation, or on renting pumps to meet their needs. Second, couple solar pump deployment with micro-irrigation and water harvesting interventions at the farm and community levels. While lack of irrigation is a major bottleneck, 30% of farmers reported limited water availability for irrigation as a challenge. Third, focus on technology demonstra

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Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley Holds Pre-Budget Consultation Meeting with the representatives of different Agriculture Groups

ulture inputs may be given financial grant under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. There is need to infuse sufficient funds for incentivizing/subsidizing national resource conservation technologies like micro-irrigation and water recharge etc. The Government may consider subsidizing machinery to facilitate crop residue management and to tackle the Stubble Burning problem especially in North West India. It was suggested to initiate Transportation Cost

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Agriculture Crisis Grips 'Model' Gujarat -Prudhviraj Rupawat

s mistakes and provide relief to suffering farmers. It has raised the Minimum Support Prices for various cash crops in the state and announced waiver of Goods and Services Tax (GST) for farmers using micro-irrigation systems. But, delay in procurement of this year’s kharif produce has been adding to the distress of the farmers. The condition of ever growing army of landless agricultural workers is of serious concern since the minimum wage in

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