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Tur dal price jumps 20% in past 2 months, hits Rs 100/kg in retail -Dilip Kumar Jha

said SP Goenka, Director U Goenka & Sons, a city-based pulses importer and traders. Along with tur dal, the whole grain (tur) price has also shot up steadily to trade at above the threshold of minimum support price of Rs 58.50 a kg. Prices of tur and tur dal have remained subdued and many times below MSP for nearly two years due to higher supply. Through the Second Advanced Estimates, the Union Ministry of Agriculture has forecast India&r

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Lack of milling facility forces paddy-surplus Tripura to spend crores on rice imports -Debraj Deb

t to shell out hundreds of crores every year for rice imports while they have got all the rice right at home. Tripura’s BJP-led state government is procuring 10,000 MT paddy from farmers at minimum support price (MSP) starting Monday, even as the Centre’s Food Corporation of India (FCI), which procured paddy for the first time here in 2018, has declined to do so this year. Unlike 2018, when paddy was procured from 10 locations, the

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Farm relief, new MSP regime on govt's to-do list

squo; incomes between 2017 and 2022, but farmers have been hobbled by unprofitable sales and even negative returns on some crops, as farm produce continue to sell below federally fixed rates known as minimum support prices (MSPs). A three-pronged agenda is likely to be taken up, one that will aim to overhaul the MSP regime and warehousing and agricultural markets as well as widening of income support to farmers, an official said on condition of ano

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Tackling farm distress is high priority

Food grain production in 2017-18, for instance, was a record 285 million tonnes compared to 275 MT and 252 MT, in the two previous years respectively. But farmers were selling 30-50 percent below the minimum support price, and often below their cost of production. This led to a bottomless pit of indebtedness. In 2017, the best year in Indian agriculture, farm loans grew 20 percent, and 58 percent of our population or 600 million Indians dependent on f

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Supply squeeze, monsoon fears lift tur prices -Vishwanath Kulkarni

eze, monsoon concerns and increase in consumption. Bengaluru: Tur prices in the major markets of Maharashtra and Karnataka have moved up by about ?1,000 a quintal over the past month to exceed the minimum support price (MSP) level of Rs.5,675. They are currently ruling at Rs.5,700-5,900 a quintal. Retail prices of Tur dal are also inching up. Trade sources attribute the upward trend to buying interest from traders, millers and even consumers.

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Perils of over-promising -Ashok Gulati

the food and agri-sector, including those pertaining to farmers’ incomes. In 2014, the BJP manifesto promised to implement the Swaminathan Committee report, especially its recommendation on minimum support prices (MSPs) being 50 per cent above the costs incurred by farmers. For four years after assuming office, the party never talked about this promise. In the fifth year, the government raised MSPs to 50 per cent above costs, but the referen

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Are farm loan waivers a political gimmick? -Vikas Dhoot

ome down to nearly one hectare. Marginal farmers have less than half a hectare. With these sizes, income is difficult to sustain. The recent stress is also because prices are much lower than the MSP [minimum support price] in the market, while long-term problems such as low capital formation in agriculture persist. Public investment in the sector as a percentage of GDP is also stagnant. So, these factors, along with two years of drought, have led to t

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Cash transfers are fine, but low prices are the problem: Farmers -Jayanta Roy Chowdhury

t.   “Both parties (BJP and Congress) are promising us doles, more sops. That is good. However, the main crux of our problem lies in pricing. Most Farmers now sell their grain below the minimum support price and most crops have no price support system. Look at vegetable farmers. We sold their harvest below cost through most of this winter. How will we survive?” The year-on-year consumer price index for fruits in March this year

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Record paddy procurement may pay off for Congress in Chhattisgarh -Sidharth Yadav & Priscilla Jebaraj

roduce at Large-sized Agricultural Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (LAMPS) was tedious. The entire process used to take two months,” he recalls. “Now, besides offering a lucrative MSP [minimum support price], the government has streamlined the procuring process. It takes just a month to receive the payment and you do not come across long queues of farmers outside cooperatives any more.” Stark change He feels three months is

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Food inflation falls to lowest level since 1991 -Surojit Gupta

food inflation had fallen below 1% was in 1999-2000. Economists attribute low food prices to a string of factors including bumper crop, low demand, low global prices, and muted impact of increased minimum support prices (MSP). Low and stable food prices are good for everybody except farmers, unless it is accompanied by increase in productivity. “I would attribute it to two factors—above the trend growth in farm produce in the las

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