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Beyond the lament -K Srinath Reddy

t happen ever again. We do, however, need to look beyond the oxygen story. Early marriage and motherhood of an undernourished adolescent, leading to a low birth weight baby that suffers further malnutrition and falls easy prey to infections — this is the tale that plays out as the backdrop for sick children in hospitals in Gorakhpur and neighbouring districts. As mosquitos breed in paddy fields and pigs gorge on garbage piles near human dwell

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A field of her own -Tarini Mohan

ivising the majority of India’s women farmers. This, coupled with the need to make investments to improve harvests, will result in increased productivity and improve household food security and nutrition. As has been determined from numerous studies conducted worldwide, women have a greater propensity to use their income for the needs of their households. Land-owning women’s offspring thus receive better nourishment and have better health

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Diane Coffey, visiting researcher at Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi) and also assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin, interviewed by Sagar (

w many individuals defecated in the open in 2014, 2015 and 2016. DC: We have to remember that the demographics and the house surveys don’t only collect data on open defecation but also about nutrition, about vaccination. When we are missing out on data on open defecation we’re also missing out on data on a pool of other health indicators. S: In your book, you recount your visits to government offices responsible for sanitation, and f

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ISKCON told to include eggs in menu

ree eggs per week for each student studying in government-run schools  across the state as part of providing nutritious food for the children. Considering the report of National Institute of nutrition (NIN) the government has directed the DEOs to strictly implement the prescribed menu in the mid-day meal and has also decided not to exempt  any agency or institution like Akshaya Patra foundation, ISKCON etc on  providing eggs to the

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Dealing with malnutrition: Why Indian women must eat with families -Charu Bahri

in Rajasthan used an unusual strategy to break this pattern among poor tribal communities. Instead of simply increasing their food supply and access — the standard approach for dealing with malnutrition — it attempted to break the tradition of prioritising men’s needs first. When the women of this southwestern Rajasthan village sat down to eat, it was usually after the rest of the family had finished its meal — the men firs

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India's children need a better deal -V Ramani

-The Indian Express For a country that aims to be a regional power, the data on child nutrition confirms that the situation is abysmal. Save for Bihar, six of the seven states with the highest incidence of stunting, for example, are ruled by the BJP or the BJP and its allies – Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bihar. After an agonising wait of over ten years, the results of the National Family H

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Disquieting story of child health in India -MA Oommen

ars who are stunted (height-for-age), children under 5 years who are wasted (weight-for-height) and children under 5 years who are severely wasted (weight-for-height) are anthropometric assessment of nutritional status of children below five years of age. Wasting woes The intensity of stunting and wasting is measured as per WHO norms with reference to deviations from the mean, called in statistics as standard deviation. The index of stunting and

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Safflower cultivation sees drastic fall despite benefits -Hiren Kumar Bose

nt of bad fat. Rich in linoleic acid, it helps greatly in reducing cholesterol levels. Sadly, the urban middle class, its kitchen narrative influenced by TV cookery shows, newspaper columns penned by nutritionists and the aggressive media campaign by FMCG companies is totally unaware of the real heart-friendly oil, safflower oil. A study, unveiled in January this year by the Hyderabad-based National Institute of More »

National policy for women to ensure food, shelter, health for poor families -Neetu Chandra Sharma

education for women and children of poor families. “The nutritious and safe food through public distribution system (PDS) for households especially the unreached women and children with high nutritional vulnerabilities as envisaged in National Food Security Act, 2013 will be made available,” the policy draft states. “Management of institutions of food/grain banks by women groups (SHGs) could be considered to enable uninterrupte

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Food and farming: Two futures -Vandana Shiva

nd chemical monocultures spreading; farmers committing suicide due to debt for seeds and chemicals; children dying due to lack of food; people dying because of chronic diseases spreading due to nutritionally empty, toxic commodities sold as food and climate havoc wiping out conditions for human life on Earth. The second leads to the rejuvenation of the planet through rejuvenation of biodiversity, soil, water, rejuvenation of small farms div

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