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Marginal & small holdings saw increased fragmentation & contracted size between 2010-11 and 2015-16, indicates latest Agriculture Census

ional Results, Agriculture Census Division, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, please click here to access --  The latest Agriculture Census also shows that there is a fall in operated area from 159.59 million-hectare in 2010-11 to 157.14 million-hectare in 2015-16, which is a decrease by 1.53 percent. It is worth noting that operated area includes both cultivated and uncultivated ar

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Average size of farms falls to 1.08 ha in 2015-16

11, revealed the 10th Agriculture Census whose phase-1 data have been made available. The share of small and marginal holdings went up to 86.21 per cent from 84.97 in the previous census. In terms of operated area, their share is 47.34 per cent as against 44.31 per cent in the same period. According to the census, there was a loss of 2.45 million hectares (mha) of cultivated land due to urban sprawl and other developmental activities. The More »

Farmers' suicides in Punjab: Looking beyond indebtedness -Sher Singh Sangwan

mechanized. Farmers have to pay out in cash for purchasing diesel, inputs and hiring labour. Secondly, level of tenancy in the state is very high with leased-in land being between 40% and 50% of the operated area. Thirdly, the leased rent is very high ranging up to Rs 50,000 per acre which is added to the paid out cost. It is to be noted that the rent was pushed up due to high basmati paddy prices in the wake of its increasing export during the pe

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Farmer agitations point to a deeper problem in our agricultural system -Prakash Bakshi

ross 160 million hectares of land. 49 million of these farms were small and marginal farms (SFMF), operating on land up to 2 hectares. They comprised 70% of total farms, but only 20% of the aggregate operated area was cultivated. By 2010-11, the number of farms had almost doubled to 138 million. The number of SFMF had, however, swelled to 117 million — 85% of operating farms. Now, cultivated land was 44% of the More »

Gender bias rampant in farm sector -K Venkateshwarlu

ensus of 2010-2011 indicate that this situation has only improved by a small margin with women’s land holdings accounting for 12.79 percent of all holdings comprising about 10.36 percent of the operated area. Out of all the rural households which own some land, there are only 11% households where at least one woman owns some land, Ms. Usha says. This means that 89% of rural households in India having some land effectively keep out women from

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How much land is actually cultivated in India? -Roshan Kishore and Dipti Jain

with states, except some including West Bengal, Odisha, and Kerala where these are not available. In such states, a household survey is carried out, but this category constitutes only 9% of the total operated area in the country. The agricultural census’s definition of operational holdings is also broadly similar to NSSO’s. While the divergence between the two estimates is not new, it has increased in the last two decades. The increasin

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Who cares for the small farmer? -PSM Rao

of the 3.83 crore agricultural holdings in the country. The area operated by small farmers (3.59 crore hectares) and marginal farmers (3.52 crore hectares) accounts for 44.55 per cent of the total operated area of 15.96 crore hectares in the country. So, the small and marginal farmers’ share in the credit should be determined keeping in view their 85.03 per cent in terms of number of holdings and 44.5 per cent in terms of area operated. The p

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Budget 2015: The need for an overhaul in Indian agriculture sector -Ajeet Kumar

l and marginal and their costs of production are much higher, as against the wealthy farmers. In India, medium and large farmers (5 percent of farmer households) operate more than 20 percent of total operated area. Regionwise too, the situation is not homogeneous. Cost of production in Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh is very high as compared to the Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and the southern states. Also, the p

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India has enough land for farming but there are other bigger issues to worry about -Vivek Kaul

-2013 points out that: "As per Agriculture Census 2010-11, small and marginal holdings of less than 2 hectare account for 85 percent of the total operational holdings and 44 percent of the total operated area. The average size of holdings for all operational classes (small & marginal, medium and large) have declined over the years and for all classes put together it has come down to 1.16 hectare in 2010-11 from 2.82 hectare in 1970-71."

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Number of Agricultural Workers increases by 29 Million in A Decade

llion (118.7 million cultivators and 144.3 million agricultural labourers) in 2011. As per Agriculture Census 2010-11, about 85% of the operational holdings accounting for about 44% of the total operated area in the country are held by small and marginal farmers. The India Rural Development Report 2012/13, mentions, inter-alia, that while the small farmers have proven to be more efficient than large farmers in using land and resources, but the ho

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