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No change in MGNREGA wage rates observed between 2018-19 and 2019-20 for 4 states & 2 UTs

MGNREGA wage rates 2017-18, please click here to access --- It needs to be mentioned here that a previous news alert by the Inclusive Media for Change says that the monthly rate of growth of real wage rate (on a Year-on-Year basis) of rural men in agricultural occupations (12 farm occupations) fell from the peak level of 5.9 percent in May, 2017 to -3.37 percent in January, 2018. The monthly rate of growth of More »

Rural distress is real: Negative monthly growth of real wage rates witnessed in rural areas for 9 consecutive months, starting from November 2017

ash;as the fiscal multiplier is popularly known—depends upon a household's marginal propensity to consume (MPC). Many economists and journalists have recently stated that the growth rate of real wage rates in the countryside has been declining, which indicates deepening of agrarian crisis and rural distress. A contraction of the rural economy is also happening due to the stagnation in real wages. Calculations done by the Inclusive Media

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Farm suicide as an indicator of agrarian crisis should be used with caution

prices. Thus, the terms-of-trade between agriculture and industry may not reflect the non-remunerative prices that the farmers are receiving and may not indicate the prevailing farm crisis. * The real wage rate of agricultural and rural labourers (across states/ nationally and over time) can be calculated by deflating rural wage rate (in 12 agricultural and 13 non-agricultural occupations) by Consumer Price Index-Rural, which is brought out by the

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Real rural wage growth back in negative territory Rural workers’ real wage rate growth was very high in 2014, but has fallen dramatically since then Rural wage growth for men for both agricultural and non-agricultural occupations (simple average) was 3.53% in March from a year ago. But consumer price inflation for rural India was 4.44% in March. That means the real rural wage growth, or wage growth after taking inflation into account, was negative during the month. In othe

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Non-agricultural jobs pay better than the agrarian ones, on average, though wage rates vary across different rural occupations

occupations (month-wise) and deflated the same with the respective month-wise figures on Consumer Price Index of Agricultural Labourers (CPI-AL, Base Year 1986-87=100) so as to get the average daily real wage rate in agricultural occupations (combined) for rural men. Likewise, the average of the daily nominal wage rates in various non-agricultural occupations (month-wise) was calculated and it was then deflated by the respective month-wise figure

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Job scheme in decline -Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta

dquo; Secondly, the wage rate of around Rs.125 a day on a “piece rate” basis is grossly inadequate today. “Market wages are steadily increasing. Unless you ask for an increase in real wage rates, people may feel the brunt of stagnating wages. The Act should be linked with the Minimum Wages Act in every State. Right now the Central government reserves the right to set wage rates. Adding to the problem, daily wage rates are not allo

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Why This Attack on MGNREGA?

participation (40% of those on the worksites are women) has contributed to a degree of women's empowerment; and a modest tightening of the rural labour market has taken place, contributing to higher real wage rates and reservation wages. These are major achievements by any standard and stand testimony to the value of the MGNREGA. There are indeed many major problems in the design and administration of the programme. Corruption occurs; at times,

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Changes in the Rural Labour Market and Their Implications for Agriculture-Ramesh Chand and SK Srivastava

-Economic and Political Weekly   The rural labour market is undergoing significant changes mainly due to rising employment opportunities outside agriculture. The real wage rate for farm as well as non-farm rural labour is moving upwards. This has serious implications for the farm sector. This study examines the trend and pattern of rural labour diversification and identifies the underlying factors for this change. The movement of wo

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Rural prosperity no mirage; real rural wages have grown 6.8% each year in last 4 years-A Gulati and AK Jena

at it from a simpler and more transparent prism. Instead of going through the consumption route and measuring the calorie intake, as most poverty analysts do, we simply ask: what is happening to the real wage rates in farming where landless labour is working? Since the largest mass of poor people is in rural areas, and they are the landless agricultural labourers, knowing about their real wages is critical to have an idea about probable ch

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Time yet before NREGA's achieves target: PM

to settle for less than the notified wage. The average notified wage under NREGA has itself risen from Rs 65 per day in 2006-07 to Rs 87 in 2009-10. We have further committed ourselves to providing a real wage rate of Rs 100 under NREGA." Manmohan Singh said the government proposed to establish the institution of an ombudsman in every district for effective grievance redressal under NREGA. "We should also mobilise public opinion and us

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