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Homes not for landless -Basant Kumar Mohanty

-The Telegraph New Delhi: A revamped central housing scheme promising shelter for all rural families by 2022 has no room for the landless. Dalits, Adivasis and nomadic tribes who have no land will be forced live without dignity as the Centre has discontinued assistance to landless people for purchasing land under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G), activists say. It has also dropped plans for a law to give plots to the landless.

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Why Modi govt is handing out a raw deal to small and marginal farmers -Sayantan Bera

ops such as rice and wheat. The past few months were terrible. Wholesale vegetable prices fell 11% in September (year on year) and 10% in October on the back on higher supplies. The cash crunch in rural India following demonetisation of high value currency notes made it worse. In November, wholesale prices fell by 24% followed by a steeper 33% fall in December, and 32% in January. The price collapse forced farmers in several states to dump their ha

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How tech is undoing NREGA in Jharkhand

-The Times of India Going online was supposed to clean up and smoothen functioning of government schemes like the rural job guarantee scheme MGNREGS. But experience from Jharkhand's tribal districts shows that besides the chronic lack of connectivity, a brand new system of corruption has emerged. And, instead of more transparency, villagers with no knowledge of the electronic way of life are running blindly from pillar to post. Too many flip-flop

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In a village in Uttar Pradesh, food is always on the minds of its residents -Supriya Sharma

radesh government woke up to it in September 2015. Under the law, the Central government bears the cost of providing five kilos of foodgrains per person per month to 79.6% of Uttar Pradesh’s rural population and 64.4% of its urban population. To implement the law, however, required the state government to identify those eligible for the grains. If the case of Baksha village is anything to go by, this required administrative skills that Uttar

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Beyond Drought: Tamil Nadu's Chain of Misfortunes -Seetha Gopalakrishnan

In addition, 90% of industries depend on underground sources to satisfy their water needs. This cements the fact that groundwater is currently indispensable, playing a pivotal role in sustaining both rural and urban economy. “Given the current situation, conservation of groundwater should be accorded utmost importance. But what we see today is a grave mismatch between extraction and recharge, with the former far exceeding the latter. And this

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Farming goes to seed -Jayshree Sengupta

reas as the income of households is not enough to sustain all family members on small pieces of land averaging 1.15 hectares. To some extent, out-migration has to be encouraged to enable agricultural rural households get higher incomes. Migrants send money home and it helps in health and education of the family. Higher rural income is vital for propping up demand for manufactures. In recent years, the ex

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In Jharkhand, compulsory biometric authentication for rations sends many away empty-handed -Jean Dreze

ing. We also heard the findings of a small survey of the Public Distribution System conducted last January by the local NREGA sahayata kendra, a help centre for workers employed under the National rural Employment Guarantee Act. The survey covered 225 households in four hamlets of Tirla gram panchayat: Belahathi, Simbhukel, Saridkel and Todangkel. This gram panchayat, very close to the block headquarters, is likely to have better connectivity than

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Farmers being encouraged to construct farm ponds -HS Narasimha Kumar

omestic animals in summer, the Agriculture Department is promoting the construction of farm ponds. Farmers will be provided with the complete unit cost of farm ponds under the Mahatma Gandhi National rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS). Somasundra, Joint Director of Agriculture, and Nagendra, Agriculture Officer, told The Hindu that farmers who have obtained job cards under the MNREGS could construct the ponds in their fields and claim the s

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Retail inflation cools to 5-year low of 3.2% in January

ry, slower than previous month's 3.4% and below 5.7% recorded in the same month a year earlier. This is the slowest retail inflation reading in the current series, which was introduced in 2012. rural areas witnessed a slightly higher inflation rate at 3.4%, while in urban areas it was 2.9%. The consumer food price index slowed to 0.5% in January from previous month's 1.4%. In rural areas, food inflati

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Why HP farmers are better off than tillers in Uttarakhand -Subodh Varma

ofessor at Dehradun's DAV College, told TOI that mountain agriculture was always a low level subsistence economy just about able to support the much smaller local population. "With no jobs in rural areas, people have migrated in large numbers to cities like Dehradun, even Delhi. This has put agriculture in terminal decline. There's no-one to tend the fields or livestock. Wild animals freely destroy whatever is sown," he says. But Uttar

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