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Ayushman Bharat scheme underscores issues with SC's interim orders in March -Asheeta Regidi

Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission (the Scheme) is a scheme designed to provide health insurance cover of upto Rs 5 lakhs to identified beneficiaries, which include poor and deprived rural families, occupational unorganized workers and their families, among others. The new notification issued by the government states that since the scheme involves expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of India, it would fall under the purview of the

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New Save the Children report reveals insecurity of teenage girls from the outside world, but are our homes safe enough?

irls surveyed were afraid of travelling narrow by-lanes of their locality, apart from the road which they take to go for school or the local market. Nearly, one-fourth of adolescent girls residing in rural areas felt unsafe while using open spaces/ agricultural fields for open defecation at dawn. The report by Save the Children, which is based on a sample survey (non-probability sampling technique used) undertaken in six states of the country, nam

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Hollowing out a promise -Jean Dreze

-The Indian Express NREGA is a demand-driven programme and if the demand vanishes because wages are low and uncertain, nothing will be able to save it. The National rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is going through a deep crisis of delayed and failed wage payments. The problem is not new, but it is more serious than ever and threatens to undermine the entire programme. The crisis has at least four manifestations: Delayed payments, rej

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Indu Malhotra, lone woman judge on Bench, makes a strong case against Section 377 -Krishnadas Rajagopal

and stigma piled on the LGBTQ community has denied it even basic medical care in the country. The community is so inhibited by societal scorn that it prefers to forego medical care, especially in rural and semi-urban parts of the country, Justice Malhotra said. On the third consecutive day of hearing, Justice Malhotra spoke of the pressure on homosexual people from within the home. They succumb to marry the opposite sex, leading to a life of me

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When perception is reality -Sameera Khan

tal organisation, reveals how much these perceptions shape the reality of young girls. According to their report, titled ‘WINGS 2018: World Of India’s Girls’, across urban (47%) and rural (40%) areas, young girls, aged 11 to 18, reported feeling more susceptible to molestation or abuse while using public transport. This finding was particularly true for girls from higher income groups (53%), who possibly lead more sheltered lives, an

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Real rural wage growth back in negative territory rural workers’ real wage rate growth was very high in 2014, but has fallen dramatically since then rural wage growth for men for both agricultural and non-agricultural occupations (simple average) was 3.53% in March from a year ago. But consumer price inflation for rural India was 4.44% in March. That means the real More »

The food economy: A Catch-22 for policymakers

increase in the money kept aside for food subsidies as well as an explicit commitment to accept the advice given by M.S. Swaminathan that farmers should be paid 50% more than the cost of production. rural distress is also a growing political concern as the country moves closer to the next general election. The economics of the hike in farm support prices is more ambiguous than the politics. Higher prices are usually offered as an incentive for far

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'Jumla' tag on 'record' farm support prices -R Suryamurthy, Jayanta Roy Chowdhury and JP Yadav

raph New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government on Wednesday raised the minimum support price for the common variety of paddy by what it described as a "historic" margin, seeking to address rural disquiet that the BJP has identified as one of its weaknesses in the run-up to key elections. However, a powerful lobby of farmers has termed it a "jumla" (an idiomatic expression that loosely translates as a hollow promise or a gimmick

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Using MGNREGA Funds to Subsidise Farm Labour is a Recipe for Disaster -Diego Maiorano and Chakradhar Buddha It will greatly bring down the poverty reduction impact of the programme, harm the construction of much-needed rural infrastructure and dramatically diminish the labourers’ bargaining power vis-à-vis the farmers. At the recent fourth governing council meeting of the NITI Aayog, the government announced the formation of a sub-group of chief ministers to propose ways of linking the Mahatma Gandhi National More »

The paradox of job growth -R Nagaraj

or stands at the apex of India’s labour market pyramid, agriculture being at the bottom, employing 50% of the workforce. The remaining workers are in the non-farm informal sector, spread across rural and urban areas. In fact, it is this sector that has grown in recent decades at the expense of the other two sectors mentioned above. Moreover, nearly half of the informal labour workers are self-employed in household (or own account) enterprises, o

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