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Callous disdain for the wasted lives of the poor

Telegraph The most important implication of underfunding the MGNREGA is that the NDA denies that there is a jobs crisis Given the fact that a significant amount of jobs has been lost by casual rural workers in the recent past, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act gains added significance. It is supposed to provide 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every adult in a household who is willing to do unskilled m

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Rural distress is real: Negative monthly growth of real wage rates witnessed in rural areas for 9 consecutive months, starting from November 2017

asses, it is also considered important so as to generate effective demand for goods and services, which is produced by various sectors of the economy. When money becomes available in the hands of rural workers due to government spending on programmes such as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), it generates demand for commodities. The production of commodities generates additional demand for credit, raw material and wo

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Why linking MGNREGA payments to Aadhaar is a mistake -Debmalya Nandy

ery rural household. The second important question is that while it has been shown through different studies and surveys that the mandatory Aadhaar impositions have only added to the plight of the rural workers, why does the government transfer the MGNREGA wages through a direct benefit transfer system. While it is important that the MGNREGA wages are credited to the bank account provided by the workers which can be easily done through mapping o

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Invisible people: Aadhaar versus particularly vulnerable tribal groups -Jean Dreze

and crannies of the state’s undulating forests. Without a purpose and some local guidance, it is unlikely that anything will take you there. Last month, the Sahayata Kendra (help centre for rural workers) in Manika block of Latehar district completed a house-to-house survey of all the PVTG families in the block, and also in the adjacent block of Satbarwa in Palamu district. We found 325 PVTG households — spread over 18 hamlets —

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Support for lives on the move -Arun Kumar & M Suresh Babu

e destination, a migrant’s lack of skills presents a major hindrance in entering the labour market. Further, the modern formal urban sector has often not been able to absorb the large number of rural workers entering the urban labour market. This has led to the growth of the ‘urban informal’ economy, which is marked by high poverty and vulnerabilities. The ‘urban informal’ economy is wrongly understood in countries such a

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David Barkin, Professor of Economics at the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City, interviewed by Kabir Agarwal (

you think it also ensures that the farmer remains perpetually in debt? DB: Yes, exactly. That is the criminal aspect of it. It’s a perpetual debt machine with a large number of impoverished rural workers and small plots and a production model which is based on not taking advantage of the local ecological conditions. You are stuck with a model that doesn’t offer hope for improvement. Its been proven that if you could move to a locally m

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Real rural wage growth back in negative territory rural workers’ real wage rate growth was very high in 2014, but has fallen dramatically since then Rural wage growth for men for both agricultural and non-agricultural occupations (simple average) was 3.53% in March from a year ago. But consumer price inflation for rural India was 4.44% in March. That means the real rural wage growth, or wage growth after taking inflation into account, was negative during the month. In othe

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Rural wage growth lowest in 3 years -Manas Chakravarty

effect at work here, so the fall in wage growth is the result either of less demand for rural labour or more supply. Either way, it points to rural distress. Year-on-year growth in wages for male rural workers engaged in agricultural activities was a mere 1.67% in January. For these workers, average wage rates in January were lower than those last September. For non-agricultural activities, the y-o-y wage growth was slightly better, at 3.61% in

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Farm incomes, rural wages and other things in between -Prosenjit Datta

reilly, UP, on 28th February 2016 where he first announced his dream of seeing farmers double their income by 2022. Did he mean income only for farmers, which would leave out vast numbers of other rural workers who are working on farms or following other occupations, but do not own farming themselves? Or did he mean income from farming, which is an even narrower definition, and often does not constitute the total income of even those who are primar

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India bearing the cost of ignoring rural distress -Himanshu

(y-o-y) basis have declined since December 2017; for non-agricultural workers they have been declining since November 2017. So is the case of construction workers, another representative category of rural workers, where wages have been declining in real terms since November 2017. In the last three years, wages of agricultural labourers have increased only by 0.5% per year while those of non-agricultural workers have declined by 0.25% per year, the

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