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Punjab labour shortage: Rising scarcity of farm workers pushes up production cost, inclination towards machine farming -Arjun Sharma

trains, to try and hire migrant workers for his farm. Landowners like Baljinder flocking to railway stations across the state started some years back when government programmes like Mahatma Gandhi rural employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) led to a sudden shortage of labour available to work in Punjab’s farms and MSME units. Farmers like Baljinder now have to deal with a contractor who brings migrant labour in groups to Punjab for seasonal farmi

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Forget 100 days! Not even 50 days of employment provided under MGNREGS -Mudit Kapoor

he world's largest public works programme by the World Bank in 2015. MGNREGS has the potential to increase wages of casual labour if implemented at its full capacity. Under Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a fiscal is provided to any rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work on demand. The scheme was ranked as the world's largest p

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Looking for a new version of MGNREGA -Ashwini Kulkarni

.com Merely putting the labour component of other projects in MGNREGA may not lead to any value addition There are several studies and reports that clearly show that the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has accomplished its objectives to a large extent. Initially, this government derided the programme as some kind of a dole—but it later acknowledged its role in rural development, if reluctantly. The chief

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Rural wage growth killed by demonetisation; fell from 11% to mere 0.45% in last 3 years, shows Ind-Ra data -Pragya Srivastava

hat rural wage growth slumped to decimal points from double-digit in last three years despite government support. India Ratings noted that even as there were efforts to hike rural wage and support rural employment scheme, they merely ended up shielding nominal wages from falling post demonetisation. “While these measures may have helped shield the nominal wages from falling, they did not provide the necessary impetus to strengthen real wage g

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Amarjeet Sinha, Rural development secretary, interviewed by Sayantan Bera and Elizabeth Roche (

ersification of rural incomes and hence incorrect to think one means the other, says Amarjeet Sinha, secretary, ministry of rural development. In an interview, Sinha also spoke about how the flagship rural employment guarantee scheme has evolved since 2006 to result in improvements in income, acreage, water tables, productivity and fodder availability. Edited excerpts: * The rural economy in India encompasses many things other than agriculture. Wha

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Modi govt's ad spend could feed 46 million children mid-day meal for a year -Shreya Raman

schemes in the 52 months between April 2014 and July 2018 Mumbai: Midday meals for 45.7 million children for a year. One day’s wages for 200 million workers under the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS). About 6 million new latrines. And at least 10 more Mars missions. These were some of the things that could have been financed with the money that the current National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government spen

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Watershed development projects lagging behind badly -Priscilla Jebaraj

o;s guidelines. In the long-term, results are impressive, said a senior official of the Rural Development Ministry, pointing to a May 2018 evaluation study of MGNREGA’s (Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act) water and land management projects, a chunk of which are implemented in convergence with the PMKSY’s watershed component. About 78% of beneficiaries saw an increase in the water table, while 66% also reported benefiti

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A vote of no confidence from the farmers -Yogendra Yadav & Avik Saha

Management. The Supreme Court had to reprimand the central government. Choking the MGNREGS Fifth, the Modi government’s lack of political will in implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has hit the rural poor in general and farm labourers in particular. After making a determined but unsuccessful attempt to dismantle the MGNREGS, the Modi government has choked this programme of adequate and time

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Modicare is a 'hoax'! After Amartya Sen, this economist slams Modi government

jected as health insurance for 50 crore people, but it is virtually nothing, Jean Dreze said. The Belgian-born Indian economist helped the UPA government in the first draft of Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA). Jean Dreze became an Indian citizen in 2002 and is an honorary Professor at the Delhi School of Economics. The government is hoping to have the final blueprint of the plan by August 15, which will mark India&rsq

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Hollowing out a promise -Jean Dreze

-The Indian Express NREGA is a demand-driven programme and if the demand vanishes because wages are low and uncertain, nothing will be able to save it. The National rural employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is going through a deep crisis of delayed and failed wage payments. The problem is not new, but it is more serious than ever and threatens to undermine the entire programme. The crisis has at least four manifestations: Delayed payments, rej

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