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Rash U-turns, half-baked plans -Jean Dreze

those already covered in the formal sector) under the National Food Security Act 2013, were ignored for years and are brazenly violated to this day. The rights of workers employed under the National rural employment Guarantee Act have also been undermined by budget crunches, erratic wage payments and the vagaries of technocracy. The central government’s contribution to social security pensions for the elderly has been frozen at a measly Rs 200

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The solution is universal -Rajendran Narayanan & Debmalya Nandy

n Undoubtedly, farmers’ distress needs urgent attention but let’s see if the PM-KISAN is a reasonable solution. Let us first compare some basic numbers with the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). For example, if two members of a household in Jharkhand work under MGNREGA (picture) for 30 days, they would earn ?10,080 and a household of two in Haryana would earn ?16,860 in 30 days. Jharkhand has the lowest d

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Prof. Abhijit Sen, a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, interviewed by Asit Ranjan Mishra (

nsider) guaranteeing something to two types of people—the poor who can work and those who cannot work. Those who can work, you have something along the lines of MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Scheme). For the old and disabled, you give a higher pension. The great beauty of MGNREGS is that they don’t need to be identified—this is the type of work that only the poor will do. You can make a higher transfer t

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PM Kisan Samman Nidhi: Small farmers to get Rs 6000 direct cash transfer, first installment before polls

scheme will cost the government Rs 75,000 crore per year. Goyal said Rs 20,000 crore has been earmarked for this financial year. Besides the PMKSN scheme, Rs 60,000 crore has also been set aside for rural employment scheme MGNREGA. There are 12.56 crore marginal and small farmers having less than 2 hectares (5 acre) holdings. If Rs 6,000 is paid to each farmer, the total outlay will be Rs 75,360 crore. Please click here to read more.

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

ncrease in intolerance in the country. Her leadership and participation in the campaigns for the enactment of laws relating to the right to information, the right to work (the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act, or MGNREGA) and the right to food are noteworthy. As a member of the Pension Parishad, she has been involved with the campaign for a universal, non-contributory pension for workers of the unorganised sector. As part of the

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Fabrication and falsification -Rajendran Narayanan

han a year ago due to the cold conditions in the area. She is yet to get a widow’s pension and ration under the Antyodaya category. She is sceptical of working under the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) because of delays in payment and the lack of support facilities for her children at worksites. She earns just Rs. 120 a day, and which happens only when some cleaning work is available in her neighbourhood. Chun

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NREGA progress remains slow as drought worsens -Kavitha Iyer

Mumbai: As drought conditions worsen in across large parts of rural Maharashtra and sowing for rabi crops adversely affected, the state is expected to give a fresh push to the Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), a key policy measure to tackle drought-driven agrarian distress. But while a focused jobs guarantee thrust could help mitigate financial distress for tens of thousands of rural families, Maharashtra’s

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99% MGNREGA funds "exhausted", Govt of India makes no additional sanctions: Study

public statements by his government promising employment and job creation that will boost the country’s growth, the country’s only employment guarantee programme, Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), “is being systematically undermined.” The letter states, “Illegal restrictions on its budget allocation, severe payment delays and low wages are crippling the program and depriving people in d

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Another Lifeline Smothered: MGNREGA in Shambles -Samarth Grover

est public works programme by the World Bank, it is being systematically undermined with illegal restrictions on its budget allocation, severe payment delays and low wages. Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has been a tried and tested measure to target rising unemployment and ease rural distress in the country. The rural employment programme, which guarantees 100 days of ma

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Prof. Abhijit Sen, a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, interviewed by M Rajshekhar (

amount per acre, saying this money is meant for investment – but it is money and can be used for anything. It is a cash transfer, one which is not linked to some obligation like NREGA [National rural employment Guarantee Act]. Unlike the universal basic income, what Telangana offers does not go to everyone. It is given per acre. So more of it goes to the richer guy. Most importantly, it is linked to your being a farmer. How you define that is

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