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Niti Aayog vindicates UPA's claims on poverty alleviation -Pranav Mukul

ted these points in its first Sustainable Development Goal to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere”. Furthermore, the voluntary review report also highlights the importance of food security in dealing with the ill-effects of poverty. “A direct consequence of poverty is food insecurity. To address this problem, the National Food security A

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Paint 'I Am Poor' on Your Walls, Rajasthan Government Tells BPL Families Unable to fix its public distribution system, the state government humiliates the poor by marking their houses. New Delhi: From being in denial over violence in her state to allegedly ‘using an army of paid trolls’ to defend herself on Twitter, Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past few weeks. This latest news from Dausa district will not exactly help Raje’s image in the state, which goes to p

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The seeds of discontent -Bina Agarwal

rrigation, credit, inputs and markets. This has implications for productivity, since at least 35 per cent of our agricultural work force is female and likely to grow. And it has implications for food security since 75 per cent of rural women workers, versus 59 per cent of rural male workers, depend mainly on agriculture for a living (NSSO 2011-12). Indeed, unless we alleviate women’s constraints, future farmer agitations may be led by women.

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Modi Government's Skewed Farm Sector Priorities Continue to Cause Farmer Distress -Ashwini Kulkarni

MSP is just for a couple of states and for two crops. There is a strong case for MSP for coarse cereals and millets. The procured grains need to be utilised as subsidised food under the National Food security Act, as part of the public distribution system, in integrated child development centres, for mid-day meals in schools and for children in tribal residential schools. Please click here to read more.

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Rain clouds thinning out in west and central India

ess rain and more heat. The IMD study has worrying implications for India because over half of farming is still dependent on rains. More or less rain can affect crop yields playing havoc with food security and the economy. More hot days also affects large numbers of people. Low clouds are usually those found up to 6,500 feet. They are very difficult to study and predict but have a great impact on trapping heat as also rain bearing. Changing climate

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Why a price increase alone won't help farmers -Elumalai Kannan

n rural India — such as the decision of Andhra Pradesh farmers not to sow in the 2011 kharif season and mark a ‘crop holiday’ protest — will have serious consequences for food security. Agricultural distress has become a permanent feature due to the failure of not only elected governments to find a lasting solution but also local institutions such as community or social networks which are supposedly weakening because of incr

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Accessing the Right to Food in Delhi -Nandini Nayak & Shikha Nehra

om) is a graduate student at Ambedkar University Delhi and a research assistant on the same project. The renewed Public Distribution System (PDS) under the “rights-based” National Food security Act, 2013 has increased access to foodgrains in Delhi. However, the Aadhaar-enabled PDS has created new barriers and glitches undermining the promise of efficient, error-free, and transparent service-delivery. Please click here to read the ent

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Madhya Pradesh farmer protest: Loan waivers are worst form of populism, they won't solve real issues -Mihir Shah

and it is snowballing now into a big issue. The problem that is beset the country now dates back to the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution was introduced in India as an attempt to ensure food security and was a solution for the country in the 60s. But the problem with it is that it has completely gone off the rails. There is a crisis of sustainability in every sense of the term and we need a paradigm shift in agriculture. The first crisis o

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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Prabodh Krishna (BusinessWorld)

ws on current issues of farmers in India: * What are your views on the recent farmer agitations in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and other states? Farmers' agitations are due to erosion in livelihood security. This is resulting from lack of proper public policy in the areas of, "pricing, procurement and public distribution." Their demands are not unjustified, they are more than half of the national population. Imagine, living in a society wi

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Activists demand law to stop lynching by mobs

ms. A mob killed an autorickshaw driver who tried to stop them from urinating in the public," said Shehla Rashid. The activists advocated that a law should be enacted on the lines of National security Act 1980. Claiming that this is a politically neutral campaign, the activists said they will meet the chief ministers of every state, including the ones ruled by the BJP, with a draft legislation to initiate a dialogue with them and seek their su

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