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Names on Assam NRC draft list to be under scrutiny again

have been included in the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) list cannot rest assured of their citizenship status. A new notification by the NRC state coordinator's office, posted on their social media page on Thursday, says about an “Additional List to Draft NRC” would be published on June 26. The "Additional Exclusion List", as it is being called in the notification, will have names of those who figured in the dra

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Explained: Why the world is debating data flow -Karishma Mehrotra

Why is data valuable? Data is any collection of information that is stored in a way so computers can easily read it. These days, most people refer to data to mean information about their messages, social media posts, online transactions, and browser searches. Big data refers to the immense amount of data that can now be collected, stored, and analysed to find patterns. This large collection of information about people’s online habits has b

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Spare Dying Kids from Insensitive Reporting - Saurabh Sharma

e & Hospital (SKMCH), the nodal centre for AES patients in Muzaffarpur, and stormed into the critical care ward. He shouted, screamed at the doctor and was later hailed as a ‘hero’ on social media. Later, Anjana Om Kashyap of Aaj Tak, following Anjum’s footsteps did the same and instead of questioning the government or the system she tried to grill a doctor and a nurse of the state-run hospital. Nowhere in the world can report

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Gangsters go brazen: 220 gunshots fired on Delhi's streets over 30 days -Prawesh Lama and Shiv Sunny

— from Barapullah flyover in the south to central Delhi’s Karol Bagh, and from west Delhi’s Dwarka to Kalyanpuri in east Delhi. Those who were killed or shot at include gangsters, a social media star on TikTok, property dealers, jewellers, hoteliers, journalists, and businessmen. In each case, illegal pistols were used. In nine cases, police shot at the criminals and fired at least 32 bullets in all. Many of the shootings were the

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Role of social media as influencer of voting choices overhyped: CSDS study

-The Hindu BJP’s vote share lead over Congress among users fell in comparison to 2014 The role of social media as a key influencer of voting choices in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections may have been exaggerated, according to a Lokniti-CSDS survey. It found that the BJP’s vote share lead over the Congress among social media users was actually lower than in 2014. Survey data did establish a

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It's time to take stock of the electoral process -SY Quraishi

ted, which necessitates multi-phase elections. If the numbers of these forces were adequate, the EC could conduct elections in one day. After all, the MCC is difficult to operationalise in the age of social media in staggered elections. This is a trade-off the EC is fully aware of. The cost-benefit analysis of multi-phase versus short phase elections in the face of new challenges can be done afresh. The highlight of 2019 was the highest ever voter

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Information confusion -Osama Manzar

-The Indian Express In the age of social media, the credibility of content is an important issue In the digital age, where copious amounts of free information is available in public domain, the menace of misinformation, propaganda and personal attacks is bound to exist. It is certainly not new in the world of social media. In the last few months, however, socia

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PepsiCo's attempt to sue farmers highlights the lacunae in IPR laws -Rajshree Chandra

ave been saying, “back off Pepsi, the Indian farmer has rights under the Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights (PPV&FR) Act”. Or, resonating with the boycott Pepsi brigade on social media, it could have been saying, “lay off the chips and other associated Pepsi products”. However it spoke to us, this should not be just an occasion to take easy sides in this David vs Goliath story. It should also occasion a more ser

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