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Niti Aayog bats for direct benefit transfer to farmers -Yogima Sharma

15,000 per hectare if the Niti Aayog’s proposal for an upfront subsidy through direct benefit transfer is accepted, said people with knowledge of the matter. The Aayog has suggested that all subsidies for agriculture, including fertiliser, electricity, crop insurance, irrigation and interest subvention be replaced by income transfer. Telangana and Odisha have adopted income support to help alleviate agrarian distress as opposed to loan waiver

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The coast is unclear: on the 2018 CRZ notification -Kanchi Kohli & Manju Menon

ties here. The fisheries sector employs 4-9 million people. The self-reliant fisher communities generates ?48,000-?75,000 crore for the economy, with almost no support from governments in the form of subsidies. A government that has performed dismally on its promise of employment generation should avoid taking away the jobs of people engaged in this sector. Yet, that is exactly what this notification seeks to do. The misfortune of the fisher commun

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Universal Basic Income can be funded by reducing subsidies to the rich -Pranab Bardhan

cant UBIS with a simultaneous increase in the taxes on the rich will help macro-economic stability, apart from assuaging the poor who will face some of the price rise in commodities or services, when subsidies are withdrawn. After my last op-ed in this paper (The safety net of the future) several readers, intrigued by the idea of a Universal Basic Income Supplement (UBIS) proposed in the article, asked me to elaborate. Hence this article. There

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Basic income works and works well -Guy Standing

c Adviser Arvind Subramanian, and others such as Professor Pranab Bardhan have proposed ways of paying for it — primarily by rolling back existing wasteful, distortionary, and mostly regressive subsidies. This should not be an issue to divide the left and right in politics, and it would be wonderful if the main political parties and personalities could come together on it. That is too much to hope. But in this wonderful country, now is a moment

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Farmer producer bodies need help -BS Suran / N Lalitha

ust inputs but marketing support Agriculture provides livelihoods to millions of small landholders in India. A few government initiatives to support farmers — such as increased MSP, interest subsidies, free electricity, and loan waivers — reach a limited percentage of farmers and, hence, have a limited impact. The Telangana Government’s decision to provide direct cash transfer to farmers based on their landholding addresses onl

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P Sainath, acclaimed journalist and Founder-Editor of the People's Archive of Rural India, interviewed by Anuradha SenGupta (

agriculture exists, let alone prospers, without substantial state investment. The richest societies in the world, the States and the European Union have caused the price problems with their gigantic subsidies. Look at the subsidies of the United States of 2004 and 2006, the total value of the cotton output was something like $3.7 billion, the subsidy was $4.3 billion. Now that devastated prices across the

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Farm loan waivers can derail India's growth story -Ramesh Chand

This occurred despite witnessing a small acceleration in the growth rate of farm income and an increase in government support for agriculture in various forms. Currently, the total Central and state subsidies going for agriculture sector are estimated to be over Rs. 2.2 trillion, constituting close to 10% of agricultural GDP and 12% of average farm income. The main cause for farmers’ discontent is the low level of farm income. Farmers have b

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Prof. Abhijit Sen, a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, interviewed by M Rajshekhar (

prices] or something like this. To some extent, that itself turns itself into an economics question. I personally think it is a cop-out. The universal basic income comes with a reduction of other subsidies – the income increasingly becomes the way the government supports people. This idea has been snowballing especially with the recognition that we are passing into a world where you have to accept a much higher level of unemployment. That th

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Why India should expose US hypocrisy on cotton subsidies at the WTO -Sachin Kumar Sharma & Parkhi Vats

s Trade and World Trade Organisation (WTO) discussions thrive on perception. Recent actions by the US seek to portray India as flouting WTO rules and distorting the global market by providing huge subsidies to cotton. Left unchallenged, the hypocrisy of the US narrative on cotton could sway WTO members, particularly the cotton-producing African countries. So, what is the fracas on India’s cotton subsid

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Government eyeing quick fix for farm sector -Nistula Hebbar

m as the Budget this time can only be a vote on account with no additional outlays. For example, the Telangana model of providing income support or subsidy per acre to farmers (amalgamating all other subsidies given on fertilizer, seeds and so on) has been discussed but the problem with that is that it only benefits landowners and not tenant-farmers. Legislation that was being considered to amend tenancy laws haven’t been framed yet, so it is a

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