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Media's ability to report fairly, accurately compromised in Kashmir Valley: Editors Guild

-The Indian Express "The Guild urges the government to take immediate steps to restore normalcy for the media’s communication links. Media transparency has and always should be India’s strength, not fear," the statement said.   The Editors Guild of India on Saturday expressed concern about the lockdown in Kashmir and the “consequent curtailment of the media’s freedom and ability to report”, and aske

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RTI amendment: Usurping powers from Legislature and States -M Sridhar Acharyulu

hey have independence, most commissioners could not come out of their nurtured culture of secrecy; which indelibly sunk in their DNA for decades while working as civil servants before they shifted to transparency duties as a great favour done by the rulers. I really do not understand whether the government is scared or are the bureaucratic personalities, who appeared dazed because 60-70 lakh people every year seek information about their functions;

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Social activist Aruna Roy speaks to Anindo Dey (The Times of India)

he right to ride roughshod over people’s views. In a democracy, the people are sovereign, and they have a right to question their representative at all times and participate in decision making. transparency and RTI are essential to a strong participatory democracy. A parliamentary majority cannot take away the rights of people who voted them in. These amendments were not part of their election manifesto, and therefore there is no basis to assert

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Save-RTI plea to President Ram Nath Kovind

Call to Kovind to back law he helped draft New Delhi: Former central information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has started an online petition to persuade President Ram Nath Kovind to stand by the transparency law he helped draft as a member of a parliamentary standing committee in 2004. While the petition, started on Friday, is finding traction, more such letters are being planned to appeal to the President’s conscience so that he returns

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'RTI Bill Shrouded in Secrecy, How Will it Enhance transparency?' Ask Former CICs -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

endra Modi government to rush the RTI Amendment Bill, 2019, through the parliament without following a proper consultation process. They also cautioned that, if passed, the amendment would weaken the transparency law – rated the second-best in the world – by diminishing the stature of the information commissioners who perform the important role of directing the bureaucracy to reveal the information sought by citizens. The former informa

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CAG demonstrates how govt relies on off-budget resources to fund deficit - Dinesh Narayanan

. Questionnaires sent to the finance ministry, FFC and CAG on July 15 remain unanswered until now. In a statement describing the meeting released on July 8, the FC said the issue of “fiscal transparency in the fiscal reporting of the Union and state governments was discussed especially in the light of increasing trend of off-budget and extra-budgetary resource raising by the governments”. The release, however, had not given specific nu

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Lok Sabha passes Bill amending RTI Act amidst strong objection from Opposition

to dilute the effectiveness of the law New Delhi: The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2019 three days after it was introduced. It seeks to amend the landmark transparency law and bring in changes involving the salaries and tenures of Information Commissioners (ICs) at the States and Centre. As per the amendment ICs — who currently have five-year tenures — will have “terms as may be prescri

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RTI Bill 2019: Undermining autonomy of information commissions and transparency in governance -Prasanna Mohanty The amendment proposes to reduce the status of information commissioners and fix their term of office from five years or until the age of 65 years at present. New Delhi: After an aborted attempt in 2018, the central government proposes to amend the Right to Information Act of 2005 (RTI Act) to change the term of office and service conditions the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) and Information Commissioner (IC) at the central as well as state levels. These aspects are

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Oral health given short shrift: study

t failure of the global health community to prioritise the global burden of oral health has led to calls for the radical reform of dental care, tightened regulation of the sugar industry, and greater transparency around conflict of interests in dental research. Oral diseases, including tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancers, affect almost half of the global population, with untreated dental decay the most common health condition worldwide. In In

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The escape from freedom -Avijit Pathak

sanctifies surveillance. As an ideology that seeks to become hegemonic, the practice of surveillance justifies itself through the discourse of “safety”, “security” and “transparency”. And, possibly, we have accepted it. Hence, we no longer feel humiliated or insulted when at airports and railway stations we allow the security guards and cops to objectify us with a gaze of doubt, and touch every part of our body.

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