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Jobless growth becomes more systemic -KP Kannan & G Raveendran

as well as ‘wage employment’. Within the category of ‘self-employed’, the survey also counts those engaged in ‘unpaid family labour’. The figure for the overall unemployment rate at 6.1% is 2.77 times the same figure for 2012. A few experts have raised doubts about comparability of estimates between the two periods though we feel that they are not substantial issues that prevent anyone from a judicious comparison

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India's workforce has fewer women than it did six years ago -Janaki Shibu and Rosa Abraham

he latest government data, collected by the Periodic Labour Force Survey 2017-’18, found. Four months after a leaked newsbreak of national employment data revealed that India’s current unemployment rate was at a 45-year high, the government released the official Periodic Labour Force Survey report on May 31. Understanding the survey The Periodic Labour Force Survey report, released after many controversies, provided quarterly esti

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unemployment rate among Christian men highest: Govt -Amrita Madhukalya

d the data in the Lok Sabha in reply to a question posed by Trinamool Congress member Prasun Banerjee. Banerjee asked the government whether after the Sachar Committee, it has any updated data on the unemployment rate prevailing minority communities. Naqvi cited the data from the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) of 2017-18. The PLFS was launched by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in 2017 as a nationwide Labour Force Survey. The detai

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Which one is a better indicator for depicting the problem of joblessness -- Proportion Unemployed or unemployment rate?

a recent blog post, Columbia University professor Arvind Panagariya mentions that the critics of the present Prime Minister of India failed to underscore ‘employment rate’ -- flip side of unemployment rate -- that stood at nearly 94 percent according to the report on Periodic Labour Force Survey 2017-18. A recent article by Dr. Vikas Rawal and Prachi Bansal, however, points out that in order to understand the problem of joblessness

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Despite Adityanath govt's big promises; unemployment situation worsens in Uttar Pradesh -Biswajeet Banerjee

f him not getting a job. The recent report of Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) shows that the rural unemployment has increased from 0.9% in 2011-12 to 5.4% in 2017-18. Similarly, in cities, the unemployment rate jumped from 4.1% to 9.5% in that corresponding period. While at the all India level the increase was 3.4% to 7.7%. The figures were released by the National Statistical Office. An unemployed person is one who is seeking employment but

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The Dramatic Increase in the unemployment rate -Prabhat Patnaik The Periodic Labour Force Survey Report 2017-18 clearly shows that there is a sudden jump in the unemployment rates across-the-board in 2017-18, compared to all preceding rounds of the NSSO. The report of the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) conducted in 2017-18 is finally out, and it confirms what had been leaked earlier, namely a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate in the I

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Pronab Sen, former chief statistician of India, interviewed by Kabir Agarwal and Anuj Srivas (

and therefore a wide range of work patterns. Because the focus was on what was happening to employment as education levels went up, this stratification was done. * So when we speak about annual unemployment rate of 6.1% in 2017-2018, and compare it to unemployment recorded in the past, the changes in the stratification for the most recent round do not affect comparability? No. That is the national-level estimate. When you talk about estimates

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No sick leave, job rotation: India's gig workers are overworked, underpaid -Prachi Salve & Shreehari Paliath

nent positions, but prefer to go via contracts, which enables them to hire and fire more easily, and cut back on perks and benefits. India faces rural distress-led migration and a four-decade-high unemployment rate of 6.1%, the Periodic Labour Force Survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) between July 2017-June 2018, released May 31, 2019, said. The government had withheld this report, but it had been leaked in January 2019, ca

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Good monsoon, govt support could revive rural demand -Ratna Bhushan & Sagar Malviya

ef executive Mohit Malhotra. The maker of Vatika shampoo and Real juices, which derives 45% of its overall domestic sales in the rural areas, however flagged unemployment as a concern. “The unemployment rate continues to be high and the government must take decisive steps now to address this issue,” Malhotra said. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a normal June-September monsoon, while private weather forecasti

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The sum and substance of the jobs data -Sonalde Desai

the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) is finally out, garnering a lot of attention based on selective reading of tables and spurring partisan debates. In particular, the staggering increase in the unemployment rate, from 1.7% in 2011-12 to 5.8% in 2017-18 for rural men and from 3.0% to 7.1% for urban men, has generated wide ranging hand-wringing. However, a more nuanced picture emerges if we are to look beyond the partisan debates to policy implica

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