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We, a small team of media persons, researchers and development thinkers, are trying to create a clearing house of information on India marginalized to generate meaningful debates and sharper media coverage. Inclusive Media for Change (www.im4change.org) started with an incubation grant from the Ford Foundation and was later supported mainly by the UNDP. The project was launched in 2009 at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), New Delhi. Inclusive Media for Change, now a unit of Common Cause (www.commoncause.in), works as a clearinghouse of ideas and information on India’s marginalized people. We run a web-based resource centre, (www.im4change.org), conduct media research and hold capacity-building workshops for rural reporters and civil society activists. While the media research we undertake is wide-ranging, the workshops are aimed at improving media's understanding about democracy, development and inclusion. 
The members of the Inclusive Media for Change team, Vipul Mudgal (vipulmudgal@gmail.com), Tushar Dhara (im4change.cc@gmail.com) and Ashok Kumar avoid taking hard ideological positions and welcome suggestions/ criticism about our work from anyone who cares to write to us

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