Solar-powered water pumps offer ray of hope for Spiti’s farmers -Gaurav Bisht

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published Published on Aug 14, 2020   modified Modified on Aug 16, 2020

-Hindustan Times

Diesel-run generators used for irrigation not only burnt a hole in their pockets but were also an environmental concern

Chandigarh: Solar-powered water pumps have come as a ray of hope for tribal farmers of the remote Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh that otherwise offers limited livelihood options due to the harsh climate and inhospitable terrain.

The cultivated fields in the valley are situated along nullahs and the Spiti river and many farmers still depend on rain-fed agriculture. Besides barley, the agriculture department has encouraged green pea production since the ’80s.

Realising that age-old farm practices are not enough to meet the requirement of expanding families, farmers have begun to adopt new agriculture techniques.

Since electricity supply in the region is erratic, most farmers rely on diesel generators to irrigate fields. With fuel prices on the rise, it is a drain on their pocket and the pollution caused by operating such pumps is also an environmental concern.

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Hindustan Times, 14 August, 2020,

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