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published Published on May 29, 2020   modified Modified on May 29, 2020

-The Telegraph

How a put-down propelled Minz to helm of Dumka Varsity

Sonajharia Minz still remembers the stinging comment: “Tumse na ho payega (You’re not good enough).”

These words from her school maths teacher in Ranchi had propelled Minz, an Oraon tribeswoman from Gumla district in present-day Jharkhand, to resolutely pursue higher studies in mathematics.

“I couldn’t get into an English-medium school as I was an Adivasi. But I did well at St Margaret’s, a Hindi-medium school in Ranchi with mostly tribal students and teachers,” she told The Telegraph.

“The maths teacher, who wasn’t tribal, knew it was my strong subject and that I had scored 100 per cent thrice. Yet he told me not to study maths for graduation. That made me even more determined to study the subject further.”

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The Telegraph, 29 May, 2020, https://www.telegraphindia.com/india/how-a-put-down-propelled-an-oraon-tribeswoman-to-become-vice-chancellor-of-dumka-varsity/cid/1776777

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