Announcement: Inclusive Media –UNDP Fellowships 2015

Inclusive Media for Change invites applications from media persons in English and Hindi for Inclusive Media - UNDP Fellowships 2015. The Fellowships are given to increase and sharpen media coverage of rural distress/ development and the issues of the marginalized people. The fellowships are aimed at promoting democratic social change, particularly through empowerment, participation, good governance and better understanding about media and the marginalised.

The ideal candidates would be willing to take time off from routine journalism and spend at least two to four weeks with rural/ marginalized communities and write/ produce series of stories that require wider coverage and public attention. A limited number of fellowships may be considered for projects related to community media. The fellowship will cover travel and incidental expenses subject to an upper limit of Rs 150,000. It intends to cover costs of news/ material gathering and logistics. A total number of six fellowships will be given in Hindi and English. (Please click here to read the Fellowship terms and conditions)

The Inclusive Media - UNDP fellowships are open to journalists working for mainstream newspapers/ magazines/ radio or related organisations or TV channels. Those working for well-known media websites or media research projects are eligible to apply if their work is on new media/ community media platforms. Free-lancers can apply only if they can produce letters of support from mainstream papers with an undertaking to publish their output.

A jury of well-known editors and development thinkers will select the fellows on the basis of brief project proposals (Please read ‘how to apply' and ‘terms and conditions' in the Fellowship Section of this site, www.im4change.org/fellowship-rules-regulations.php ) and story ideas. The projects should be about happenings/ positive interventions/ alternatives and success stories on issues of livelihoods, agrarian crises, hunger/ malnutrition, public health, and the MDGs or improved understanding about them. An ideal candidate will have genuine interest in rural development/ issues of the marginalized people and will be willing to spend time in rural areas for field work. The fellows will be given a chance to refine their project proposal after their selection if the jury so recommends.

The applicant must get a supporting letter from her/his media organization with an undertaking to publish the fellowship outcome in their publications in a format of their choice (i.e., series of reports, travelogues, edit/ op-ed articles, investigation, documentary film or TV/radio packages). Entries without an undertaking from the editor or the head of the organisation will not be considered.

The last date for applications is November 6, 2015.


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