'It is cheaper to ride motorbikes than take buses in Indian cities' -Jitendra

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published Published on Nov 29, 2019   modified Modified on Nov 29, 2019
-Down to Earth

Poor hit the most hit by an inaccessible public transport system, says India Exclusion Report 2018-19

Half of the poor in Indian cities walk or cycle down to work because of problems in the public transport system, suggests the India Exclusion Report 2018-19. The existing public transport system is expensive and has limited routes, says the annual report released by Delhi non-profit Centre for Equity Studies. As a result, only a “small section of people uses bus facilities to reach work”.

While 31 per cent urban population walks to work, another 18 per cent rely on cycles, says the report that analysed urban mobility data from Census 2011, released in 2017.

In contrast, only 15 per cent people use bus to go to work and another 6 per cent use other public transport services such as taxis, autos and tempos. The data also shows that 21 per cent people ride motorcycles and 5 per cent take private cars to work.

The situation is most acute in Delhi, where poor public transport has pushed car ownership. One in every five families in Delhi today owns a car, which is more than double than all the other cities.

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Down to Earth, 28 November, 2019, https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/governance/-it-is-cheaper-to-ride-motorbikes-than-take-buses-in-indian-cities--67980?fbclid=IwAR13JCrWBMtuoTrgmZ6Sba3RN1xwr7cGEPVc

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