14 Years On, No State/UT Has Fully Implemented SC-Mandated Police Reforms -Shreya Raman and Shreehari Paliath

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published Published on Sep 22, 2020   modified Modified on Sep 22, 2020


Mumbai & Bengaluru: No Indian state is fully compliant with 14-year-old Supreme Court directives for police reforms, an analysis by the international non-profit Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has found. Of the 28 states, only two--Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh--were partially compliant with the five binding directives included in the analysis. All the other states have failed to comply, as per CHRI’s report.

The set of seven directives, aimed at kick-starting reforms, was introduced based on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed in 1996. Despite various National Police Commission recommendations made since 1979, successive governments did not implement major recommendations. The 1996 PIL, filed by two former director generals of police, Prakash Singh and NK Singh, asked the Supreme Court to direct governments to implement the recommendations. A decade later, the court ordered that these seven directives be implemented.

The seven directives provide “practical mechanisms to kick-start reform”, a 2010 CHRI report noted. The recent analysis by the non-profit graded the states/UTs on compliance on five directives. Since directive 7 comes under the purview of the Centre, it has not been included. Similarly, directive 4 was not included as assessing the compliance of separation of investigation and law-and-order functions “will require field-level examination”.

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IndiaSpend.com, 22 September, 2020, https://www.indiaspend.com/14-years-on-no-state-ut-has-implemented-sc-mandated-police-reforms/

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