45 Covid Deaths In 72 hours Put Himachal On Alert -Ashwani Sharma

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published Published on Nov 19, 2020   modified Modified on Nov 19, 2020


The health authorities fear that the cases will see a further spike in the next few days

Forty-five deaths in the past 72 hours, of which 13, highest ever in a single day on Wednesday, has put Himachal Pradesh on high alert.

The health authorities fear that the cases will see a further spike in the next few days during the winter.

Those who have lost their lives, during the past some days, are mainly persons with comorbidities in the age group of 62 to 85 years.

However, the youngest was a 31-year-old male while a 19-year-old female had died on Tuesday in Shimla.

The districts of Mandi, Shimla and Kullu are the three big hot spots showing the highest cases of infections, though the state government had already ordered the closure of the schools, which were reopened only this month.

Taking a strong view of the spike in the cases, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has made a strong appeal to the people to take due precautions.

One of the factors causing the spread of the infection and moralities is wedding parties and social functions where the people are gathering in huge numbers.

Some of the persons tested positive during the past week also included those who had either attended the wedding functions or cremation gatherings in the villages.

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