After four deaths in relief camps, Tripura's Bru migrants ask 'Where is the Right to Food?' -Debraj Deb

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published Published on Nov 8, 2019   modified Modified on Nov 8, 2019
-The Indian Express

Earlier on October 31, when the first casualty reports arrived, SDM Baidya said a local Primary Health Centre (PHC) pronounced the deaths were caused by ‘unknown diseases’.

Thirty-four days back, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) stopped food and ration supplies for six Bru relief camps in Tripura’s North district as the ninth phase of repatriation of 32,000 migrants living here since last two decades commenced.

But a month after these meagre supplies were halted, four persons have died in the camps and many others have been hospitalised, which migrant leaders claim to be the consequence of severe starvation.

According to a relief package announced by the Centre six months after Bru refugees came here in 1997, 600 grams of rice is provided to every adult Bru person each day and 300 grams is allotted daily for minors. The package also had provisions of cash dole of Rs 5 per adult per day, Rs 2.5 for every minor in a day, a soap in one year, a pair of slippers every year and a mosquito net in every three years.

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The Indian Express, 4 November, 2019,

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