Almost 70% senior citizens in India have a chronic illness -Nand Lal Mishra, Gursimran Singh Rana and Devikrishna NB

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published Published on Jan 7, 2021   modified Modified on Jan 8, 2021

-Down to Earth

One in every five Indians below 45 have at least one morbid condition

Two in every three senior citizens in India suffer from some chronic disease, according to the first Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI) released by the Union Ministry of Family and Health Welfare on January 6 2020.

Around 23 per cent of the elderly population (age 60 years and above) have multi-morbidities; elderly women are more likely to have multi-morbidity conditions, the report said. The results of the survey encapsulated data from more than 42,000 households, covering over 72,000 older adults across all states and union territories except Sikkim.

Self-reported presence of major chronic health conditions and multi-morbidities among those aged 45 and above increased with age, the report said. The chronic health conditions are pronounced among those aged 75 and above and are dominated by cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and hypertension.

The percentage of people without morbidity consistently declined with age. About 73 per cent of the population below age 45 are found to be having no morbid conditions and this share is reduced to 44 per cent in the age group 75 and above. The decline, however, is slower from age 60 onward.

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Down to Earth, 7 January, 2021,

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