Amid online classes, schools devise digital detox routine -Tanu Kulkarni

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published Published on Feb 27, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 28, 2021

-The Hindu

Bengaluru schools are working with teachers and parents to help students overcome screen fatigue

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not only upended the way we socialise or interact with each other, but has also altered the learning patterns of lakhs of students with online classes becoming the norm.

For the last nine months, students in private schools have been glued to their screens for hours on end where otherwise they would have been in a physical classroom interacting with their peers and teachers. The fallout is digital fatigue and eye strain.

School managements are now devising ways to help students cope with digital fatigue from reorganising holiday schedules and limiting screen time to holding wellness sessions and asking parents to restrict their children’s personal screen time.

School principals have acknowledged the problem, with many saying students as well as teachers have been complaining of headache, burning eyes and sleeplessness. “Earlier, there was a lot of enthusiasm about online classes,” said Dakshayini Kanna, principal of Harvest International School.

Nooraine Fazal, founder-director of Inventure Academy, said they will shorten the summer holidays to about a month and instead give students a week’s holiday after every six to eight weeks of online classes.

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The Hindu, 27 February, 2021,

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