Are India’s poor social distancing? Niti Aayog to survey over 100 districts to find out -Amrita Nayak Dutta

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published Published on Apr 26, 2020   modified Modified on Apr 27, 2020

Niti Aayog will conduct surveys every 2-3 weeks and collate results to see if govt messaging on Covid has reached districts and if govt machinery is working at that level.

New Delhi: Government think-tank Niti Aayog will conduct multiple surveys in 112 districts across the country to assess if the poor and vulnerable are following social distancing like their urban counterparts while India deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, ThePrint has learnt.

According to sources, the survey will have 57 questions to assess if the people in districts understand what social distancing is and are practising it at their homes and in villages.

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