Arunachal records best sex ratio, Manipur the worst -Vijaita Singh

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published Published on Nov 15, 2020   modified Modified on Nov 16, 2020

-The Hindu

Nagaland, Mizoram, Kerala and Karnataka rank high in the list

Arunachal Pradesh recorded the best sex ratio in the country while Manipur recorded the worst sex ratio, according to the 2018 report on “vital statistics of India based on the Civil Registration System”.

Sex ratio at birth is number of females born per thousand males.

Arunachal Pradesh recorded 1,084 females born per thousand males, followed by Nagaland (965) Mizoram (964), Kerala (963) and Karnataka (957). The worst was reported in Manipur (757), Lakshadweep (839) and Daman & Diu (877), Punjab (896) and Gujarat (896).

Delhi recorded a sex ratio of 929, Haryana 914 and Jammu and Kashmir 952.

The ratio was determined on the basis of data provided by 30 States and Union Territories as the “requisite information from six States namely Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal is not available,” said the report published by the Registrar General of India.

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The Hindu, 15 November, 2020,

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