Better to leave now: Migrant workers in Delhi, Mumbai head home amid fear of lockdown

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published Published on Apr 8, 2021   modified Modified on Apr 9, 2021

Several migrant workers in Delhi and Mumbai were seen heading to their home states amid fear of another lockdown, as Covid-19 cases witness a steep rise in the country.

As India witnesses a resurgence in Covid 19 cases, it is the migrant workers who are staring at an uncertain future with several states announcing night curfews and weekend lockdowns.

In Delhi, many migrant workers were seen leaving for their home states from the Anand Vihar Bus Terminal. They said they were going back to their native places amid fear of another lockdown. This time, they are prepared to handle the situation in advance so that they are not stuck in the city with no money and food.

Besides Delhi, many migrant labourers in Mumbai were also seen heading to their native places. More than the fear of the virus, they were afraid of being stranded and not being able to earn a living.

Several states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and others have announced a slew of restrictions including night curfews and lockdowns.

This has compelled several daily wagers to head back to their home states fearing a repeat of last year's situation.

Last year, they were left without money and jobs due to the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.

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