Can India be ‘atmanirbhar’ by cutting budget for children -Priti Mahara

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published Published on Feb 12, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 15, 2021

-Down to Earth

While total allocations to Union budget 2021-22 saw an increase of 14.5%, the share for children declined by 10.8% compared to 2020

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the Indian economy. The economic slowdown has aggravated poverty, disrupted public provisioning for children’s welfare, exacerbated existing gaps in availability, access and utilisation of services. It has multiplied challenges for children from marginalised communities.

Healthcare, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, social and child protection services have been disrupted due to the pandemic, and the impacts have been devastating for children and young people as well. This has also led to steep declines in facility-based care such as childbirth services, immunisations, treatment of children with severe malnutrition and health care for sick children.

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Down to Earth, 12 February, 2021,

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