Census Data Contradicts Bogey of Bangladeshi Immigrants' 'Flood' - Subodh Varma

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published Published on Aug 20, 2019   modified Modified on Dec 25, 2019

But the relevant data has been removed from the Census website within a month of release.

It took over eight years for the Census office to release migration-related data collected back in 2011. And, within a month of its release, one particular dataset has been removed. That’s Table D-2 which gives the numbers for foreign immigrants. The official Census website now says, in a cryptic footnote, that data on this aspect is “under scrutiny, will be released soon”.

Newsclick had downloaded the D-2 table before it disappeared, and some key aspects – which may be the reason why it has been removed – are given below. The redacted Census data showed that there were 27 lakh persons in India who reported that their last place of residence was Bangladesh. This is down from nearly 31 lakh such persons in the previous Census of 2001.

The dataset also gave the duration of stay in the current place. That is, the time since they immigrated. This reveals that more than three quarters of the immigrants (nearly 77%) had come to India before 1991. As shown in the chart below (based on the redacted D-2 table), immigration from Bangladesh has been steadily declining over time.

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Newsclick.in, 21 August, 2019, https://www.newsclick.in/Census-Data-Contradicts-Bogey-Bangladeshi-Immigrants-Flood?fbclid=IwAR3WXqrM_lpfK3CQqfjGeHKO0PgTQcA7g3IcExlsvrKZd26dib8D16O09VY

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