Coronavirus pandemic is ominous news for India’s rabi crops and farm-to-food chain -Mekhala Krishnamurthy

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published Published on Mar 25, 2020   modified Modified on Mar 25, 2020

During the coronavirus crisis, income support platforms must be utilised by both state and the Centre. Social distancing should be a norm in wheat procurement mandis.

As India goes into a 21-day lockdown, the Narendra Modi government has sought to reassure an anxious public that the country has multiple times the required reserve of food grains to tide over the crisis.  There have also been urgent calls for both central and state governments to ensure that the public distribution system — PDS — is fully supported to safeguard food security, especially for the millions of poor families who will be disproportionately affected by the massive closures. A few states have responded quickly, announcing a range of measures including food rations and mid-day meals to provide basic support to those who will struggle daily to survive. Their implementation will be absolutely critical.

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