Covid-19 will test, reshape the State -Yamini Aiyar

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published Published on Mar 22, 2020   modified Modified on Mar 24, 2020

-Hindustan Times

Today’s choices will determine the future of the Indian State’s relationship with citizens

The only certainty in the coronavirus-induced global chaos is that the idea of the nation-state as the all-powerful, enforcer of social order is back. After decades of globalisation, neo-liberalisation and privatisation, in this moment of crisis, people across the globe are looking to their national governments and willingly giving up their civil liberties in favour of absolute State control. From Europe and the United States (US) to India, citizens are encouraging, in fact, demanding, that their governments improve surveillance and build capacities to police everyday life. Social distancing, social isolation, lockdowns are the new normal. The State commands it and people are willing to comply.

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Hindustan Times, 22 March, 2020,

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