Critical data on India's higher education is out but only Modi has hijacked headlines -Yogendra Yadav

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published Published on Sep 29, 2019   modified Modified on Sep 29, 2019

When you put the reports by HRD ministry and CMIE survey together, you are looking at a simmering volcano.

While Indians were busy celebrating the country’s global triumph and commiserating about its terrestrial adventures, two important reports went almost unnoticed. The eighth annual All India Survey on Higher Education 2018-19 was released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development last week. It coincided with the release of four-monthly report ‘Unemployment in India – A Statistical Profile’ for May-August 2019 by the Centre for Monitoring India Economy.

Put together, both these surveys point to a simmering volcano of educated unemployment. This could be the visible face of the economic slowdown and could well become a political challenge to the regime.

Strange as it might look, the quality of statistics available for our higher education institutes has been much poorer than our statistics on school education. Sensing this gap, the central government instituted AISHE in 2011-12. We now have official (self-reported and unverified) statistics on the number and nature of higher education institutions, student enrolment, and pass-out figures along with the numbers for teaching and non-teaching staff. Sadly, this official survey does not tell us much about the quality of teaching, learning or research. There is no equivalent of Pratham’s ASER survey or the NCERT’s All India School Education Survey.

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