Dam Workers Face Serious Hazards, Need Much Better Safety and Social Security -Bharat Dogra

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published Published on Feb 9, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 10, 2021


The tragedy in Uttarakhand has again highlighted the extreme vulnerability of dam workers who toil often in very hazardous conditions in very remote parts of the country, away from public gaze. In particular the hazards faced by workers are very serious at several dam construction locations in the Himalayan region. While better safety conditions for dam workers are needed everywhere, this need is particularly acute in the Himalayan region.

In recent years many serious disasters have been reported from the Himalayan region in which thousands of people have perished. In the case of the majority of these deaths and disasters, the ongoing or already constructed hydel projects and related works or constructions were also a factor, either because these projects aggravated the disasters in various ways, or else because   the workers employed here were living and working in very precarious and exposed conditions and therefore suffered a lot of distress including deaths.

In times of climate change and increasing disasters, this distress can increase in future and therefore urgent steps to provide better protection to dam workers should not be delayed any longer.

At present our country is also in the middle of passing important legislation on dam safety and so it is all the more important that adequate provisions relating to the safety of workers are included in this legislation.

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