Dams, roads worsened Himalayan flood impact manifold -Joydeep Gupta

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published Published on Feb 25, 2021   modified Modified on Mar 1, 2021


Climate change made the Uttarakhand flash flood possible, and poor development policies made it disastrous

The February 7 flash flood in the Rishi Ganga river in the Himalayas has shone a spotlight on the deadly combination of climate change and ill-planned roads and dams. The latest death count is 68; bodies are still being taken out of the hydropower project tunnels next to the destroyed Tapovan dam; and after two weeks the local government has stopped searching for the 136 people still missing, who are now ‘presumed dead’.

A majority of scientists now believe the flash flood in Uttarakhand, India, was caused by a landslide. Dave Petley, noted landslide expert and pro vice chancellor of the University of Sheffield in Britain, has estimated from satellite images that a 550-metre-wide block of rock, ice, snow and soil cracked off from a mountain peak and fell 1,800 metres into the Rishi Ganga.

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TheThirdPole.net, 25 February, 2021, https://www.thethirdpole.net/en/climate/dams-roads-worsened-himalayan-flood-impact-manifold/?fbclid=IwAR1ctaef67sRfUHIjczdq1zl3UrGLV27Vnts6ib058xURGD72JQ5B7UJ5Ic

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