Despair in a Package: How a Private Hospital in Delhi Tried to Fleece a COVID Patient -Sweta Dash

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published Published on Aug 7, 2020   modified Modified on Aug 8, 2020

As her mother lay in the ICU, a young woman fought harder than a government representative to enforce the state’s price cap order for COVID cases. She won the battle, but lost her mother.

New Delhi: On June 24, when Mayanka Sanghotra learned that her mother, Narender Kaur, had tested positive for COVID-19, she was naturally alarmed. She could not get through to any of the government helpline numbers listed online, but she did discover that Shanti Mukand Hospital, located about ten minutes away from her home, was dedicated to patients infected by the novel coronavirus. Within hours, Sanghotra had her mother admitted to the hospital.

The doctors at Shanti Mukand said the 52-year-old Narender’s condition was critical. She had very unstable oxygen levels. Sanghotra was prepared to do anything to ensure the best possible medical intervention, so when she was told that the hospital offered a COVID package for Rs 4 lakh and they would start the treatment immediately when she deposited the amount, she agreed.

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