Despite soaring child-health spending, 40 million Indian children are stunted -Prachi Salve and Saumya Tewari

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published Published on Jan 7, 2016   modified Modified on Jan 7, 2016

India accounts for 27% of the world's neonatal deaths and 21% of all child deaths

Here are some health statistics for Indian children five years or younger: 38.7% are stunted (below normal height for the age), 19.8% are wasted (underweight and short) and 42.4% are underweight.

This in a country that boasts a 40-year-old national child-health programme – now among the world’s largest – and increased spending on child health 200% over a decade.

While child-undernourishment rates have declined, India still remains home to more than 40 million stunted children under five, more than any country, IndiaSpend reported, based on the India Health Report for Nutrition Security in India, 2015, released earlier this month by the Public Health Foundation of India.

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