Devoid of smartphones, 231 students of a Chandigarh govt school unable to access online classes -Hina Rohtaki

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published Published on Sep 10, 2020   modified Modified on Sep 11, 2020

-The Indian Express

Several students of Government School Dhanas dropped out as they could not afford smartphones, as now one's access to education depends majorly on it

Chandigarh: Bhawna, a student of standard XII at Government School, Dhanas, has been living with her grandfather (80) since her parents passed away, when she was five-years-old. Her grandfather, now 80, makes a living by selling vegetables on a rehri. Barely able to make ends meet, he cannot afford to buy a smartphone.

Devoid of any device to access online education, Bhawna has not been able to attend any classes since the lockdown was announced. She manages to get homework from her friend and grapples with the subjects all by herself.

It is not just Bhawna, but scores of students have not been able to access online education as they are unable to afford smartphones. However, the government is yet to take note of the issue and do anything to resolve it.

Records obtained from Dhanas Government School revealed that as many as 231 students in this school alone did not have access to a smartphone.

“I have not been able to understand anything in Economics because I could not attend any class. Since the pandemic and the lockdown started, Economics classes are being conducted on google meet, which cannot be downloaded in my grandfather’s ordinary phone. I jot down the notes for the other subjects from my friend’s notebook,” Bhawna said.

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The Indian Express, 10 September, 2020,

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