Disastrous Decade for Data: The Way Forward -Arjun Kumar, PC Mohanan Amitabh Kundu

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published Published on Oct 10, 2020   modified Modified on Oct 12, 2020

-Economic and Political Weekly

In recent years, the Indian official data has been challenged for many reasons, most of them arising out of the perception that the government is reluctant to release unfavourable data. These doubts have been exacerbated by the controversy posed by the debate around Citizenship (Amendment) Act, National Population Register, and National Register of Citizens and the weakening of established institutions like the National Statistical Commission. The COVID-19 pandemic has further upset the data collection so that the first phase of the decennial population census and the proposed NPR exercise now stand postponed. Questions on credibility of official data and the pandemic-induced problems have come at a time when technology offers solutions to data collection, processing and dissemination. The initiatives launched by the government to improve the statistical system utilise these possibilities.

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Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 55, Issue No. 41, 10 Oct, 2020, https://www.epw.in/journal/2020/41/commentary/disastrous-decade-data.html

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