Drought Is Not Simply a Natural Calamity, It Is Also Driven by Commercial Greed -P Sainath

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published Published on Feb 28, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 28, 2021


In his foreword to Kavitha Iyer's book 'Landscapes of Loss', P. Sainath writes about the commodification of water and the thriving 'thirst economy' in the Marathwada region.

As India witnesses its largest-ever farmers’ agitation, Landscapes of Loss: The Story of an Indian Drought, a new book by Kavitha Iyer, takes a close look at several of the deeper issues that have been afflicting the country’s farming community for decades now and brought it to this desperate pass.

In writing about the cyclical drought in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region, she presents a story representative of the unrest in large parts of rural India.

Below is an excerpt from the foreword written by Magsaysay awardee journalist and author P. Sainath for the book.

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TheWire.in, 28 February, 2021, https://thewire.in/books/drought-landscapes-of-loss-book-excerpt-p-sainath-kavitha-iyer

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