Farming GM crops, employment fund -- what govt panel has suggested to create 20 cr jobs in 5 yrs -Neelam Pandey

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published Published on Nov 7, 2020   modified Modified on Nov 8, 2020

A Working Group of Ministers on employment generation and skill development submitted its report to PM Modi, making 63 suggestions across 18 sectors for job creation.

New Delhi: Looking to create 20 crore job opportunities in the next five years, a government-appointed Working Group of Ministers (WGoM) has suggested allowing farming of Genetically Modified (GM) maize and soybean crops, private bikes for ride-sharing, expediting road projects and starting new ones, among others.

Headed by Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot, the WGoM on employment generation and skill development submitted its report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month. ThePrint has accessed the report.

In its report, the panel recommended launching a massive “mission” to create 20 crore job opportunities, suggesting various measures across sectors. According to the panel, this would require an investment of Rs 2 lakh crore by the government and Rs 12.7 lakh crore from the private sector over a period of five years.

Among other suggestions, the panel called on the government to form a sovereign investment fund to support employment generation initiatives, and launch a massive drive for completion of road projects while adopting the EPC (engineering procurement and construction) mode of contracting and land pooling method.

The panel said there is a major potential for creating new job opportunities that have not been exploited.

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