How farms across India are banking on native grains and hope to reap a good harvest -Sangeetha Devi Dundoo

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published Published on Jul 22, 2020   modified Modified on Jul 23, 2020

-The Hindu

Bolstered by the timely South-West monsoon and a steady demand for native produce, the farming community is looking forward to the sowing season

We have had the wettest June in 12 years, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Statistics released by the IMD show that India recorded 118% of the Long Period Average rainfall in June 2020, which is considered excess. These copious showers brought cheer to the farming community, despite several regions facing intrinsic challenges such as shortage of labour in the wake of COVID-19 and disruption in supply chains due to intermittent lockdowns.

In many states, both Government and private-owned seed banks ensured that farmers had sufficient seeds to sow. Farmers following sustainable practices noticed an increase in demand for chemical-free produce and native vegetables, fruits and grains, spurred by the need to eat healthy and boost immunity levels in some pockets.

In Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana, where scorching heat prevailed till late June in the last few years, the pre-monsoon showers towards the end of May and monsoon in the first week of June encouraged farmers to prepare their land to sow rain-fed crops.

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The Hindu, 22 July, 2020,

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