Five months 400 deaths still continuing: Farmers Protest Around Delhi in India -Sandeep Banerjee

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published Published on Apr 25, 2021   modified Modified on Apr 26, 2021

Since November 26, 2020, lakhs of farmers and workers have been in their continuous sit-in protest at different points around Delhi Border. On April 26 it will complete 5 months. And the human-cost is enormous: 400+ deaths. But braving death, terrible cold, rain, storm and now around 40°+ at noon, threat of covid19, the farmers and workers are continuing; after all they work in the open fields through tough weather conditions years after years to produce food and fibre for civilisation.

Some people, frightened by spread of corona, may snarl at those farmers and workers seeing them not everybody wearing masks, not observant to covid protocol. Media may stigmatize them as they do, keeping eye shut to what has been happening now in the small town of Haridwar for weeks, and cursing others as corona-jihad. These media might start their propaganda to prepare the ground for Operation Clean – the govt conspiracy to crush the farmers unrest by force, or by other means, as happened to the Anti CAA-NRC protest last year. But please ladies and gentlemen, tell your govt to repeal the pro-corporate anti-people farm laws, and if you can get it done, the farmers will gladly go back home – no hullaballoo, even they will leave your city clean, as they are cleaning their protest-sites, camping-places everyday – they will go back home singing praise for you.

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