Grave danger for journalists in BJP's India

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published Published on Nov 6, 2018   modified Modified on Nov 6, 2018
-The Telegraph

We rank 138th out of 180 countries on press freedom, and among the highest for murders of journalists pending investigation

India’s list of dubious distinctions is growing, especially with regard to the fourth estate. If it were not bad enough that the country has steadily been sliding downward each year on the World Press Freedom Index — at present, it ranks 138th out of 180 countries, just one place ahead of Pakistan — it has now been found to be one of the nations with the maximum number of murders of journalists still pending investigation. The Death Watch report by the International Press Institute found that 12 journalists in India lost their lives in targeted killings in the past year, with only six arrests having been made so far. The tardy pace of investigation and justice delivery in India is not new, but it bears particularly troubling implications in the case of journalists. The media are touted to be the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, ensuring the dissemination of all views and upholding the right to free speech. So although it is no surprise that they are the target of the forces of repression, it is also deeply worrying. A significant national platform for keeping dissent alive is now being violently cowed into silence.

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The Telegraph, 5 November, 2018,

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