The Right Time to Speak of Housing Rights in India is Right Now -Sushmita Pati

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published Published on Jul 22, 2020   modified Modified on Jul 22, 2020

In India, the housing justice question has not really been picked up by any civil society activism. Could the migrants' crisis following the lockdown lead to a Wall Street moment?

The pandemic has revealed all kinds of crisis across the world. Some directly triggered by COVID-19, and some not so.

The question of livelihood, of lost employment has been the most threatening. But the pandemic has also revealed another crisis simmering below the surface – of housing. The pandemic has drawn a far more profoundly etched line between those who own property and those who do not.

With working classes, it is far more intensified because the discourse around quelling the disease assumes that people have access to protected homes, supply of water and private toilets. But that is a far-fetched dream for most. But amidst all the COVID-19 talk, we have failed to look at this question of housing, looming large over us. Why?

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