How a ration shop in Dantewada is restoring normalcy by providing grains -Gargi Verma

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published Published on Jan 27, 2020   modified Modified on Jan 27, 2020
-The Indian Express

Thanks to the efforts of district police and administration, villagers are recovering from Naxal violence.

Twenty-eight-year old Devi Podiam, a resident of Potali village in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, is used to allocating two full days at the beginning of each month just to walk over 10 km to a ration shop in Tirkapara in order to get monthly supplies of rice and other necessities for her family. So it is a great relief and a considerable change of routine for her that a ration shop was opened in her own village on January 15.

“I won’t have to walk so much anymore. Now I can even send my children to the shop to fetch me the supplies,” she said. Her ordeal of walking to the shop in Tirkpara started 16 years ago when the ration shop in Potali village was forced to be closed by Naxals. The new shop, which has been set up with the help of the local police, will not just serve Potali but also stock up enough to cater to the demand from 5 other villages situated nearby.

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The Indian Express, 27 January, 2020,

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