How India remains poor: Has poverty become 'hereditary' -Richard Mahapatra

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published Published on Jan 15, 2020   modified Modified on Jan 15, 2020
-Down to Earth

Millions of Indian households transfer poverty to the next generation, making poverty eradication nearly impossible

Something that has haunted me through my 22 years of reporting the rural India is how some people in certain regions always remain poor. I have visited them multiple times for various assignments, but have always found them talking about poverty.

Like me, they too always wonder: “Why do we remain poor?”

I have mostly reported the country’s 200 poorest districts, now called “aspirational districts”. These have been the beneficiary of expansive poverty eradication programmes since 1951, when the first Five-Year Plan came into being.

These districts have since become the focus of all development plans in India. In each of them, on an average, 195 development programmes — everyone with an anti-poverty component — have been implemented.

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Down to Earth, 14 January, 2020,

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