How to reduce NRC's administrative burdens -Srinivas Yerramsetti

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published Published on Feb 5, 2020   modified Modified on Feb 5, 2020
-The Hindu

Citizens should not be asked to provide the same information more than once to government agencies

In June 2014, the Modi government set out to change how the government worked. At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in a meeting of Union Secretaries about “reforming the public service delivery system and bridging the governance deficit” by introducing “self-certification” in place of “affidavits”. That event revealed his enthusiasm and commitment to improving the ease of citizen-state interactions. However, there is little public evidence after that, of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances systematically following up with government departments to allow self-attestation of documents and to reduce the use of affidavits.

Mr. Modi displayed the same initiative in convincing the public to embrace Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) reforms. He was successful in reframing technocratic goals in populist terms, thereby enhancing DBT reforms’ public legitimacy. Schemes such as Ujjwala demonstrated his government’s adeptness at translating ‘good governance’ into popular politics by expanding market access to cooking gas in rural areas.

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The Hindu, 5 February, 2020,

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