Delhi Riots: Does Delhi Police Want To Steer Probe Towards A ‘Particular Direction’? -Shastri Ramachandaran

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published Published on Jul 27, 2020   modified Modified on Aug 1, 2020

-Outlook India

If Delhi Police has done its investigation without fear or favour, why does it want its own prosecutors?

Successive governments in India, unlike in China, have been able to get away with a lot. From the Delhi riots of 1984 and the mass killings of 2002 in Gujarat to periodic communal violence and decades of state violence and repression in Jammu & Kashmir, India has escaped being put in the dock by the international community because it is seen as a democracy. In all these cases, it was assumed that rule of law and an independent judiciary would ensure that justice prevails.

That assumption is once again under question, this time because of the role of the Delhi Police during the northeast Delhi riots from February 23-25, 2020—which left at least 53 dead, a majority of them Muslims—and the investigation of the violence. The Delhi Police comes not under the Delhi government but the Centre’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Both Delhi Police and the MHA have often been at odds with the Delhi government, as they are in the present situation, too.

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Outlook India, 27 July, 2020,

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