India censors three environmental advocacy groups for criticising draft EIA rules -Anukriti Malik

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published Published on Jul 17, 2020   modified Modified on Jul 19, 2020

The draft EIA Notification 2020, activists say, is a major setback for environmental justice as it weakens public consultation and dilutes compliance norms for corporates.

The Indian government is censoring three environmental advocacy groups that are raising concerns about the draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification 2020. Fridays For Future India, Let India Breathe and There Is No Earth B have had their websites blocked.

In a statement on July 13, Let India Breathe, a volunteer environmental movement, stated that their domain was “rendered inaccessible” by the National Internet Exchange of India, or Nixi.

Fridays for Future India, the country chapter of the global climate movement led by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, said they began a feedback process after the draft notification was opened for public consultation and were blocked not long after. Their website has been “inaccessible” since July 10.

There is No Earth B is an “open community of environmentally passionate people intent upon saving our only home”. In their statement, the group said their website was "rendered inaccessible” on the networks of some internet service providers in compliance with the telecom department’s orders.

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