India Inc gears up to go back to office -Goutam Das

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published Published on Feb 23, 2021   modified Modified on Feb 24, 2021

* Companies are slowly and tentatively shifting from WFH to WFO. What are the plans and pain points?

* There’s apprehension about using public transport. Refurbishing office ventilation systems is a challenge. Whether offices would go back to 100% strength is an open question

NEW DELHI: Paul Dupuis wore a blue suit, his lucky tie, brown shoes, a black mask and a cycling helmet before he hopped onto a vintage Indian bicycle. The managing director and CEO of staffing firm Randstad India, who lives and works in Bengaluru, was riding to office after 300 days.

“Never has purpose been more important than right here, right now," he wrote on business networking site LinkedIn, posting three pictures of him on the cycle.

Randstad India is testing the waters; testing the new world of work, one where there would be far fewer people on the office floor than what used to be the norm in pre-pandemic months. For its test run early in February, Randstad asked the company’s senior leaders to report to work. An app will manage the company’s workflow. Employees wanting to be in the office have to seek permission and reserve a desk through the app; a QR code that gets generated has to be scanned at the point of entry.

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